Elective course

Every year we organise two days of elective courses. All students have the opportunity to do an activity of their choice on two Fridays. The offer is different every year because not only teachers but also parents offer an activity. This results every year in a wide and diverse range of all kinds of activities. For example, there is baking cookies, but also learning to program. Making art from found objects, yoga, photography, working with wood, sign language, capoeira, etc.


The group division follows on the basis of allocated elective subject places per group. In this way, both group 1-2 and group 8 children participate in an activity. The activities are spread over the entire building, so that the children get to know the whole school instead of just their own classroom. This is already an exciting undertaking, especially for young people. They are therefore collected and returned to their classroom by the children from group 7 and 8. Not only nice for the youngest children, but also an honorable task for the older children at school!


The elective course project:

Choosing on your own, doing new things, taking care and working together with the whole school for one joint acitivity brings fun, unity and opens the world of possibilities.