TSO - lunchtime care

The 3e Dalton offers the opportunity to make use of lunchtime care. The lunchtime care (TSO) is a service provided under the responsibility of the school. The school has a lunchtime care coordinator who appoints and directs the volunteers who are deployed during lunchtime care. She keeps in touch with teachers and the director about important matters that take place during the TSO. All employees are in possession of a Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG).
Praktische informatie
Day Group 1-6 Groep 7 & 8
Maandag 12.00 uur - 13.00 uur 12.30 uur - 13.30
Dinsdag 12.00 uur - 13.00 uur 12.30 uur - 13.30
Woensdag - -
Donderdag 12.00 uur - 13.00 uur 12.30 uur - 13.30
Vrijdag 12.00 uur - 13.00 uur 12.30 uur - 13.30

The students from group 1-6 who don't make use of the lunchtime care go out of school at 12:00 and can come back to school at 12:50. The students from groep 7 and 8 go out school at 12:30 and can come back at 13:20.



If your child is new to our school, you can register your child with the teacher. The TSO employees keep track of who is present. There are costs associated with participating in the TSO. The contribution is €392,57 per year for 4 days. You will receive an email from the Schoolkassa system as soon as possible. Here you can indicate how many days you want to purchase and how you want to pay (amount in one go or in installments). It is important that you re-register your child for the TSO every school year. Every year you will receive a new request from Schoolkassa. If you do not make regular use of the TSO, you can use a day ticket for €3 at a time (please pay the exact amount).


The lunchtime care

The lunchtime care takes place in your child's classroom accompanied by two TSO teachers. One half of the hour is spend on eating and drinking, the other half is spend playing outside. Every day the teacher and the TSO teacher have a short transfer at the beginning and the end of the TSO.


Rules and agreements

The rules that apply during school hours also apply during the lunchtime care. Such as respecting each other and the TSO teachers, listening to each other and walking quietly in the hallways and the classroom. Quarrels are discussed and settled and, if necessary, discussed with the teacher. If your child is going to eat at home or with a friend instead of at the TSO, we would like to hear from you via a note. We do not let children just leave school if they have been registered for the TSO. If you have any questions, please contact tso@derdedalton.nl.