Participation council

The participation council (the Dutch abbreviation is MR) represents the interests of the students, parents and teachers from our school. Together they strive for a high-quality school with a safe learning environment where your child can perform at their own best.
The participation council consists of three parents and three teachers. The director is present at some of the meetings. The MR is for the director an official point of contact: the director is dependent on the approval or the advice from the MR in some cases. The MR is allowed to ask the director for information or explanation and they are allowed to give solicited and unsolicited advice.


The parents who are a member of the MR:

  • Doeke Romp
  • Ruth de Jager
  • Machteld Mentink


The teachers who are a member of the MR:

  • Muriel Hilderink (chariman)
  • Ysanne Helsdingen
  • Maartje van der Kolk

You can reach the MR through this email:


Besides the participation council there is within OOADA also the joint council participation (GMR). In the GMR we are represented by one parent or one teacher. In the GMR all participation councils from OOADA are represented. Only subjects concerning all schools of OOADA are dicussed in the GMR.